Reward Your Employees with Crystal Awards & Gifts

Case Study: Above and Beyond
Providing exemplary service that is truly considered above and beyond is what one water filtration company called AquaSafe wanted to promote within its management structure. The leaders of the company designed a reward program targeted at its store managers and their employees.

The goal was to develop a few tactics that would allow the company to outperform their competition by providing better service. This greater level of service would then become the backbone for developing a strategy to increase sales and gain market share. Store managers were rewarded for submitting ideas that the company could implement at all locations.

These same managers were eligible to receive the gorgeous Lambent Flame for meeting and exceeding certain metrics around providing remarkable service. In the end, the managers collectively submitted over 250 ideas, allowing new tactics to be developed. As a result of the program, 100 of the locations gained 2-10% of market share in a 12-month time period, while 83 locations increased their average margin by 4-10% percent.

Here are some other great ways to thank your employees for going above and beyond:

Rewarding employees, managers, and locations for providing better service than the competition is, perhaps, the one single best thing that organizations can do to create a foundation for growth. Determining what exactly constitutes service that goes “above and beyond” the norm in your industry is the element that takes a bit of thought and analysis. But that investment pales in comparison to the benefits that this process yields.

The production time for an award as stunning as this is only 6-8 days. With the best pricing in the industry, you can stop hunting for a better alternative.

To download the AquaSafe case study flyer, click here.